Redis 2.8.0 正式版发布

2013-11-23 10:12

NoSQL Redis 2.8.0正式版发布!新的产品线。2013-11-22 高性能KV数据库。经过6个RC.上个版本是2013-08-29的2.6.16.


# UPGRADE URGENCY: LOW, unless you want to upgrade to new Sentinel code.

* [FIX] Fixed an error in rdbWriteRaw() that should have no practical impact.
* [NEW] Log the new master when SLAVEOF command is used.
* [NEW] Sentinel code synchronized with the unstable branch, the new Sentinel
        is a reimplementation that uses more reliable algorithms.

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 6 (2.7.106) ] Release date: 6 Nov 2013

This is the 6th release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.106).

# UPGRADE URGENCY: LOW, only new features back ported, no fixes.


--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 5 (2.7.105) ] Release date: 9 Oct 2013

This is the 5th release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.105).
Important bugs fixed inside.

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH because of many non critical replication bugs fixed.

* [FIX] redis-cli: don't crash with --bigkeys when the key no longer exist.
* [FIX] Allow AUTH / PING when disconnected from slave and serve-stale-data is no.
* [FIX] PSYNC: safer handling of PSYNC requests with offsets in the future.
* [FIX] Replication: Fix master timeout detection.
* [FIX] Replication: Correctly install the write handler after successful PSYNC.

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 4 (2.7.104) ] Release date: 30 Aug 2013

This is the fourth release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.104).
Important bugs fixed inside.

# UPGRADE URGENCY: HIGH because of the EVAL memory leak.

* [FIX] Fixed a serious EVAL memory leak in the Lua stack.
* [FIX] Fixed server startup when no IPv6 address exists in any interface.
* [FIX] Send MISCONFIG error when BGSAVE fails because can't fork.
* [FIX] Memory efficiency with large (> a few kbytes) values improved considerably.
* [NEW] DEBUG SDSLEN for sds memory debugging.

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 3 (2.7.103) ] Release date: 19 Aug 2013

This is the third release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.103).
Important bugs fixed inside.


* [FIX] Improved expired keys collection algorithm. Even under heavy load keys
        to be expired can't accumulate because of lack of CPU time.
* [FIX] Replication speed regression fixed (issue #1238).
* [FIX] Fixed an hard to trigger PSYNC bug.
* [FIX] Fixed Issue #1240, ZUNIONSTORE could lead to wrong result.
* [NEW] Add per-db average TTL information in INFO output.
* [NEW] redis-benchmark improvements.
* [NEW] dict.c API wrong usage detection.

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 2 (2.7.102) ] Release date: 30 Jul 2013

This is the second release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.102).
Important bugs fixed inside.


* [FIX] Fixed a critical replication bug, see issue #1221.
* [NEW] The new inline protocol now accepts quoted strings like, for example
        you can now type in a telnet session: set 'foo bar' "hello world\n".

--[ Redis 2.8 Release Candidate 1 (2.7.101) ] Release date: 18 Jul 2013

This is the first release candidate of Redis 2.8 (official version is 2.7.101).

The following is a list of improvements in Redis 2.8, compared to Redis 2.6.

* [NEW] Slaves are now able to partially resynchronize with the master, so most
        of the times a full resynchronization with the RDB creation in the master
        side is not needed when the master-slave link is disconnected for a short
        amount of time.
* [NEW] Experimental IPv6 support.
* [NEW] Slaves explicitly ping masters now, a master is able to detect a timed out
        slave independently.
* [NEW] Masters can stop accepting writes if not enough slaves with a given
        maximum latency are connected.
* [NEW] Keyspace changes notifications via Pub/Sub.
* [NEW] CONFIG SET maxclients is now available.
* [NEW] Ability to bind multiple IP addresses.
* [NEW] Set process names so that you can recognize, in the "ps" command output,
        the listening port of an instance, or if it is a saving child.
* [NEW] Automatic memory check on crash.
* [NEW] CONFIG REWRITE is able to materialize the changes in the configuration
        operated using CONFIG SET into the redis.conf file.
* [NEW] More NetBSD friendly code base.
* [NEW] PUBSUB command for Pub/Sub introspection capabilities.
* [NEW] EVALSHA can now be replicated as such, without requiring to be expanded
        to a full EVAL for the replication link.
* [NEW] Better Lua scripts error reporting.
* [NEW] SDIFF performance improved.
* [FIX] A number of bugfixes.