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【高速下载】DockerCon 2015 视频和PPT

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DockerCon 的喧嚣过去,一切又回归平静。回顾这场盛典,其中诸多时刻,令人印象深刻。

  • Docker 与 CoreOS 握手言和,容器之争尘埃落定,Alex 在会场起立致敬
  • Michael 和 Arnaud 热迁移 ioquake3 对战
  • Ben 揭秘彩蛋, DockerCon 将登陆巴塞罗那


可是最让我记忆犹新的,是一场场精彩的演讲。在两天的议程中,3 场 Keynote 、6 大 Track 、54 个话题、89 位讲师,共谱了容器技术的狂欢曲。

尽管 Docker 在 YouTube 和 SlideShare 的官方频道上传了这些内容,但受网络环境所限,国内用户访问、下载极不方便。本着为开发者服务的精神,我们对这些内容进行了整理,并提供了下载服务——无需翻墙、高速稳定。

速度访问下载专页 ,精彩内容,唾手可得。


General Session

  • Keynote Day One
  • Keynote Day Two
  • Keynote Ben Golub
  • Docker on the Raspberry Pi

Advanced Tech

  • Faster, Cheaper and Safer: Secure Microservice Architectures using Docker
  • Reliably shipping containers in a resource rich world using Titan
  • Resilient Routing and Discovery
  • Interconnecting containers at scale with NGINX
  • The distributed system toolkit: Container patterns for modular distributed system design
  • Scaling New Services: From Container Creation to Automated Deployments
  • Container Hacks and Fun Images
  • Running Aground: Debugging Docker in Production


  • How to talk to humans: a different approach to soft skills
  • Docker Community in China
  • Panel: Birds of a Different Feather Soar Together
  • How to create a new education in a digital world
  • MomOps in DevOps
  • Using Docker to drive cultural change in the games industry

Docker Docker Docker

  • Getting Started with Docker
  • Docker Engine
  • Orchestration for Developers
  • Orchestration for sysadmins
  • Docker Networking
  • Docker Security
  • Docker Plugins
  • Docker Hub
  • Docker Registry
  • Docker Trusted Registy

User Case

  • Analytic Garage on Docker at Capital One
  • Docker in the New York Times Newsroom
  • Enabling Continuous (Food) Delivery at GrubHub
  • Enabling Microservices @Orbitz
  • Using Docker to Keep Houses Warm: Highly Distributed Micro-Datacenters
  • Speeding Up Development
  • From Months to Minutes – How GE Brings Docker Into the Enterprise
  • How to Build a Secure DevOps Environment for Government and Beyond
  • PayPal Goes Beyond CI to Production Scale PaaS with Docker