《Linux服务器安装和配置教程》(Lynda.com Up and Running with Linux fo

2012-11-15 08:51

中文名: Linux服务器安装和配置教程
英文名: Lynda.com Up and Running with Linux for PHP Developers
资源格式: 光盘镜像
主讲人: Jon Peck
发行日期: 2012年8月7日
地区: 美国
对白语言: 英语
文字语言: 英文

主讲: Jon Peck
教程所使用的软件:Linux, Apache, LAMP

课程显示了如何安装和配置一个本地的Linux服务器,进行优化Web应用程序开发的Linux / Apache / MySQL / PHP的LAMP。Jon Peck介绍了组件和它们如何协同工作,告诉您如何安装和配置虚拟化Linux服务器,并详细介绍了如何配置Apache ,MySQL和PHP 。

课程安装了几个主要的PHP开发框架和内容管理系统,从Linux命令行故障排除常见的安装和配置问题。Jon Peck启用Ubuntu的Linux发行版,课程内容也适用于其他的Linux发行版。

Install and configure a local Linux server optimized for web application development with the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) software stack. Author Jon Peck describes the components and how they work together, shows you how to install and configure a virtualized Linux server, and details how to configure the additional stack elements: Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

The course also explores topics such as working from the Linux command line, installing several major PHP development frameworks and content management systems, and troubleshooting common installation and configuration issues. The demonstrations are performed with the Ubuntu distribution of Linux, but are also applicable to other Linux distributions.

Topics include:
What is Linux and why should I use it?
Introducing the LAMP stack
Creating and configuring a virtual machine
Working with the command line
Configuring the server components, including the Exim email server
Building a simple web site that connects to the local database
Installing Drupal, WordPress, and more on the server
Troubleshooting and maintaining Linux server components
Managing the server with Webmin

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  • [Linux服务器安装和配置教程].TLF-SOFT-Lynda.com.Up.and.Running.With.Linux.for.PHP.Developers-iRONiSO.cue
  • [Linux服务器安装和配置教程].TLF-SOFT-Lynda.com.Up.and.Running.With.Linux.for.PHP.Developers-iRONiSO.nfo