2011-04-17 12:22

还记得上周有消息传出Ubuntu 11.04或以Classic GNOME为默认环境,但在经过了讨论之后,决定Unity成为Ubuntu11.04默认环境(尽管大家对Unity的反应不一)。
之所以会讨论以Classic Gnome作为默认环境,是因为Unity的各种不稳定以及各种崩溃,但是索性的是绝大部分导致Unity崩溃的错误已经被修复,最新的Unity的稳定性也得到了很大的提高,并且其余的BUG会在近期解决。当然也提供Classic Gnome让你切换登录(但是在Ubuntu 11.10中就要被取消)。


I followed up on the @ubuntu-desktop list to let people know that 11.04 was still slated to default to Unity, and to give people a chance to escalate concerns. [...] I do not believe any escalations have occurred or that the Desktop team has changed it’s plan to default to Unity.

[..] The Desktop Team still feels strongly that Unity will provide the better experience for most users, is stable enough to ship, and will be more stable by the time final media is spun.
- Rick Spencer

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