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systemd 开发者在 G+ 喷 Linus 中英对照版

作者: Lennart Poettering 译者: openSUSE娘

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主页君按:这两天开源圈子爆发一场口水战,本站昨天发过新闻快递@openSUSE娘 将引爆这场争吵的帖子用传神笔法飨于大家,而且她已经搬了小板凳前去围观了:“systemd 开发者跟 Linus 撕逼大战了?真是开源圈年度大戏啊!the 1st kernel vs. the 2nd kernel”。大家同去同去~


Lennart Poettering 发表于 2 天前(已编辑)

Much of the Open Source community tries to advertise the community as one happy place to the outside. Where contributions are valued only by their technical quality, and everybody meets at conferences for beers.


Well, it is not like that. It's quite a sick place to be in.


I don't usually talk about this too much, and hence I figure that people are

really not aware of this, but yes, the Open Source community is full of assholes, and I probably more than most others am one of their most favourite targets. I get hate mail for hacking on Open Source. People have started multiple "petitions" on petition web sites, asking me to stop working (google for it). Recently, people started collecting Bitcoins to hire a hitman for me (this really happened!). Just the other day, some idiot posted a "song" on youtube, a creepy work, filled with expletives about me and suggestions of violence. People post websites about boycotting my projects, containing pretty personal attacks. On IRC, people /msg me sometimes, with nasty messages, and references to artwork in 4chan style. And there's more. A lot more.



因为做开源居然有人给我发电邮说恨我。人们在请愿网站发起了许多“请愿”,求我罢手(google 之)。




IRC 上面,人们有时也会 /msg(译者注:私聊)我,消息要么脏狗眼,要么是 4chan 风的图片链接。


译者注:4chan,美国一个匿名聊天版,经典的反社会、无政府人格集散地。好莱坞女星艳照门首发于此,著名骇客组织 Anonymous 的大本营。

I am used to rough discussions on mailing lists, and yes, when I was younger

I did not always stay technical in flamewars, but nowadays I am pretty good

at that, I am sometimes articulate, but never personal. I have a thick skin

(and so do most of the others involved in systemd, apparently), and I figure

that plays a major role why we managed to bring systemd to success, despite

all the pressure in the opposite direction. But from time to time, I just

have to stand back and say "Wow, what an awful community Linux has!".

我习惯了邮件列表上粗鲁的讨论了,当我还年轻的时候,“荣辱战”时我也不总是停留在技术层面的,但我从未人身攻击。我脸皮很丑(显然,多数其它开发 systemd 的也是),我发现这种厚脸皮是我们能顶住负面压力带领 systemd 走向成功的主要因素。但每时每刻地,我都得驻足,安慰自己说 ”喔,Linux 社区是有多渣啊!”。

The Internet is full of deranged people, no doubt, so one might just discount

all of this on the grounds that the Open Source community isn't any different

than any other community on the Internet or even offline. But I don't think so. I am pretty sure there are certain things that foster bad behaviour. On one hand there are certain communities where it appears to be a lot more accepted to vent hate, communities that attract a certain kind of people (Hey, Gentoo!) more than others do. (Yes, the folks who post the stuff they do usually pretty clearly state from wich community they come).

无疑,互联网上满满的疯子。所以大家可能会基于开源社区和网上其它社区甚至线下社区无甚区别这一理由对我的遭遇大打折扣。但我不这么想。我非常确定有些特定的事情滋生了这些恶意行为。一方面,某些特定社区看起来更公认是宣泄仇恨的(译者注:比如 anti-GFW),某些特定社区会比其它社区更能吸引某类特定人群(贱兔 Gentoo 莫跑!)(是的,发表那些东西的亲们发表的东西通常就自证了这些人的出处)。

But more importantly, I'd actually put some blame on a certain circle of folks

that play a major role in kernel development, and first and foremost Linus Torvalds himself. By many he is a considered a role model, but he is quite a bad one. If he posts words like "[specific folks] ...should be retroactively aborted. Who the f*ck does idiotic things like that? How did they not die as babies, considering that they were likely too stupid to find a tit to suck on?" (google for it), than that's certainly bad. But what I find particularly appalling is the fact that he regularly defends this, and advertises this as an efficient way to run a community. (But it is not just Linus, it's a certain group of people around him who use the exact same style, some of which semi-publically even phantasize about the best ways to, ... well, kill me).

但更重要的是,我要归罪于在内核开发中扮演了主要角色的那一小圈子人。首先就是 Linus Torvalds 自己。

对于许多人来说他是一个道德标兵,但其实他是一个坏分子。如果他能发出像这样的文字如“[某些特定人群]...应该‘早死早超生’。谁做出这种傻 B 事来的?他们婴儿时期怎么就没死呢,你看他们都傻到找不到乳头来吃奶。”,(Google 搜之),那么他肯定是缺德带冒烟的了。让我尤为惊悚的是这一事实:他经常辩护,并且鼓吹说这是一种有效的运作社区的方式。(但不只是 Linus,他身边一小撮人都是雷同风格,其中的一些甚至呓语说这是最好的方式来...好么,杀了我吧)。

But no, it's not an efficient way to run a community. If Linux had success,

then that certainly happened despite, not because of this behaviour.

I am pretty sure the damage being done by this is quite obvious, it not only

sours the tone in the Linux community, it is also teaches new contributors

to adopt the same style, but that only if it doesn't scare them away in the

first place.

但是,不,这不是一个有效的运作社区的方式。如果 Linux 是成功的,那肯定不是由于这种行为让他成功的。

我很确定,这种行为的伤害是很明显的,它不但改变了 Linux 社区的调调,还会言传身教让新贡献者浸淫于相同风格,但后者仅当新贡献者没有第一眼就被吓跑的时候才会发生。

In other words: A fish rots from the head down.


I don't mind using strong language, I don't mind the use of words such as

"fuck", I use the word all the time too, it's really not about that. I must

simply say that I wished it would stay at that, because what actually is

happening is so much worse, and and so much more hateful.


If you are a newcomer to Linux, either grow a really thick skin. Or run away,

it's not a friendly place to be in. It is sad that it is that way, but

it certainly is.


The Linux community is dominated by western, white, straight, males in their

30s and 40s these days. I perfectly fit in that pattern, and the rubbish they

pour over me is awful. I can only imagine that it is much worse for members

of minorities, or people from different cultural backgrounds, in particular

ones where losing face is a major issue.

Linux 社区现在由西方 30~40 岁的白种直男统御着。我也挺套这个模板的啊,但他们泼我那身翔真是酸爽。


You know, I can deal with all this shit, and I guess in a way with the energy

we are pushing the changes we propose with we are calling for opposition, so

this post is really not intended to be a call for sympathy. The main point I

want to make with this is to correct a few things about our communities, and

how their are percieved. Open Source isn't a kindergarten. Open Source is

awful in many ways, and people should be aware of this.



Not everybody in the Linux community is like this, the vast majority isn't.

Not even all our different communities really have a problem with this at all.

But many do, and the most prominent one, the Linux community as a whole

certainly has.

Linux 社区中不是每个人都喜欢这样的,最广大人民群众就不喜欢。甚至不同社区也不都会有这些问题。

但许多都有,而且最突出的那个,作为整体的 Linux 社区是肯定有这些问题的。

I am not the one to fix any of this, I cannot tell you how one could do it.

And quite frankly, I really don't want to be involved in fixing this. I am

a technical guy, I want to do technical things.




My personal conclusion out of all this is mostly just that I don't want to

have much to do with the worst offenders, and the communities they run.

My involvement with the kernel community ended pretty much before it even

started, I never post on LKML, and haven't done in years. Also, in our

own project we are policying posts. We regularly put a few folks on

moderation on the mailing list, and we will continue to do so. Currently,

the systemd community is fantastic, and I really hope we can keep it that way.

我的个人结论是我不想与那些罪大恶极的坏分子和他们运作的社区牵涉太多。我与内核社区的牵扯在没开始前就结束了,我从不在 LKML(译者注:Linux 内核邮件列表)发言,好多年没做了。


目前,systemd 社区血统很纯,我真希望我们能保持优良传统呀。

And that's all about this topic from me. I have no intentions to ever talk

about this again on a public forum.





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